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Project #008
Sliding doors in birch wood + Palruf
The goal with this project was to create lightweight sliding doors for easy movement. The use of a rigid corrugated PVC panel "Palruf" (opaque white) seemed to us an original solution, appropriate and economical. The price of a 26" X 96" panel is very affordable: about $20 at Home Depot. We bought it on Beaubien Street in Montreal. The product number is: 763552113184 (if you type this number in Google, you'll find numerous stores who hold stock).

The difficulty of the project was the fabrication of the structure of wood (birch). We first use the bandsaw to trim the wood. Then we use the router to create the grooves in the wood needed to match the shape of the PVC panel. The top and bottom crosspieces were screwed to eventually be able to change the PVC panel in case of breakage. The 4 central crosspieces on the other hand were glued (tenon and mortise joint).

This project is featured on the company's website that manufactures the PVC panel as an example of a possible application.


palruf sliding doors


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